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An Introduction to Labeling

At The Label Company, we care about your business and want you to get the most for your money. Before making your purchase, consider the factors below to determine the most appropriate product for your needs. We ship nationwide from Pensacola, Florida.


Three things affect the price of your labels: material, size, and number of imprint colors. Our pricing structure is based on the square inches of the label. So, a 3"x5" label is priced at 15 square inches. If you'd like it to be a die cut label, an addition per side is figured in. If a specific shape is required and we don't have the die in- house, it has to be specially made. In general, dies cost around $250-$300, varying in price based on the complexity of the outline. Please contact the factory for an accurate die quote.

Label Application

The intended use of your label is a crucial component in the production process. Not all label adhesives are the same; some work better in certain material and temperature conditions. Ask yourself if your label will be subject to chemicals like solvents or cleansers, used outdoors, or applied by machine or hand. If you're in doubt, ask your customer service representative for suggestions. We are happy to supply you with a material sample for testing.